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92 MJ SPORT/ 92 XJ donor

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I recently acquired 92 xj as described in my signature real cheap. There is  a 92 mj for sale with a 4cyl, 5 speed, 2wd. I would like to put the 4.0, aw4, command trac, into the mj. What is compatible between the 4cyl/6cyl swap, mt/at swap, or keep the m/t?, to make the switch?  What am I getting  my self into? I have good general knowledge of automotive skills. Just getting a little gray on top.

I forgot to add that they are the same color exterior and interior!

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19 minutes ago, a bum with money said:

I could probably swap the d44 out of my 88 base mj for the 92 mj  rear end to keep the 3.54 gears, and maybe the big ton springs too?




Just now, a bum with money said:

And also the engine harness is different but the dash harness is the same? Plug and play? Somewhat?


No, Renis and HO clusters are completely different; different connectors, pin-outs, gauges, inputs, etc. etc.

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