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wiper motor

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It appears to me that the wiper motor is attached to a bar that runs across the firewall between the two wiper studs.  This bar looks to be bolted to the underside of the cowl sheet metal.  To remove the wiper motor, I'm thinking remove the 4 star bolts and swing the motor up thru the cowl opening.  Am i right, or is there another way to do it?

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In addition to the 4 bolts on the cowl, the wiper motor is bolted to a mounting plate that is part of the wiper linkage. There is a bracket mounted to the firewall that the wiper motor mounting plate attaches to with a 10mm bolt and has a fixed nut on the underside of the mounting plate. When taking the assembly out, slide the whole assembly to the passenger side and then rotate clockwise from the driver side. You should then be able to come up and out back towards the driver side. Logic says to reinstall reverse of how they came out but for me, putting them back in is easier by inserting towards the driver side first and then you should have enough clearance to get the passenger side in. All this can be done with both the firewall mounting bracket still in place and also the small plastic bracket that accepts one of the screws from the cowl cover. That said, you can probably save a lot of knuckle skin, cursing and head scratching if you remove both of those before trying to remove the wiper assembly. There are also plenty of vids on YouTube under "XJ wiper removal".  Good luck!

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