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Blinker Wiring Issues

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Been going through the electrical system on my '88 MJ and fixing any problems, including rebuilding the fuse box and refreshing the grounds, but I have a strange issue with the front blinkers and emergency flashers.


So far I've replaced the blinker switch in the steering column, replaced the corroded fuse box terminals, and replaced the sockets for the front parking lights/blinkers (somehow they were bad).  The blinkers now work as you would expect until I try to use the emergency flashers.  When I do that, they flash super fast and stay on most of the time.  I think there may be some type of power back-feeding into the blinker system, but I'm not sure on how to fix that.  I have the factory '88 electrical manual and used that for installing the new sockets and repairing the fuse box, but it doesn't have any guidance for something like this.  Any advice?

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