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Colorado: Re-post on RaceTruck and Eliminator decals


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Ok, so I've confirmed I've sold the early stripe kit, but one extra "Eliminator" decal remains.  $15 shipped


I have the "Jeep" decal letters for the tail gate.  $15 shipped


And I still have the full set of "RaceTruck" hockey stick style stripe kit.  $40 shipped.


These are all in the OEM silver color.





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On 7/26/2018 at 7:29 PM, TheDude said:

How much for all?


Well...... $15 + $15 + $40 = $70 shipped.


The custom hockey stripe kit cost me $89 + I think $10 to customize it

The Jeep tailgate letters were like $29

The Eliminator decal was 1 of 3 they sent me with the Eliminator stripe kit that I eventually sold after the truck got sold and sent to Ohio....... 


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