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How to install Scar Fab roll bar brackets

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These brackets only work with factory roll bars!


There are 4 pieces per side to these bracket sets. (8 pieces total+ 26bolts, 32 washers and 6 nuts in a kit)


All pieces go on from underneath. Bolts are the only thing installed on/from the top side, inside the bed.


There is no left and right bracket. And there should be only one way the pieces fit together and bolt up.


Step by step of how I did it and would recommend everybody that bought my brackets, or factory brackets since they're the exact same.


This process is simpler with 2 people.


A bolt and washer are used on top of each front foot mounting hole.

A bolt and washer are used on top and a washer and a nut are used on the bottom of each rear foot mounting hole.




1. Install the roll bar in the bed and center it left to right and position it front o rear where you want it. (7 pics included of where mine sits in the bed floor and on the wheel well)


2. Mark the 8 holes in the front feet of the roll bar with a pencil, marker, scribe, center punch... (don't mark the rear feet yet)


3. Remove roll bar and drill marked holes. Drill accurately. I would probably recommend going a size or two bigger than the bolts. They're m12 bolts (1/2"). Hole size is up to you.

(No pictures, sorry)


4. Reinstall roll bar and line up holes.


Pieces are marked in the following 3 pictures. A is biggest piece. B is always on the left when piece A Is facing you, piece C is on right.


5. Get underneath the truck and take the biggest piece (A) of the bracket kit and place up against bottom of bed and against bed riser/support.


6. Take piece (B) and fish it on top of frame to back side of bed riser/support and thread the center bolt through piece (A) into (B). Then thread top and bottom bolts the same way. Leave them slightly loose.


7. Take piece © and repeat same process as in step 6.


8. You or your buddy can now thread bolts through the roll bar feet into the nuts on the tops of (A), (B) and ©. (Might require wiggling, loosening or tightening of all pieces to get bolts to thread) This is where the larger drilled holes come into play.


9. Once all bolts are threaded in and everything lines up, tighten them down completely snug.


10. Mark and drill holes in rear feet. (Should be able to drill with roll bar in place )


11. Put bolts through roll bar, wheel well and piece (D) as you hold it up inside the wheel well (tire side)

There are 4 holes in piece (D). This is so (D) can be used on left and right side)


12. Put washer and nut on each bolt and tighten down.


Roll Bar should be installed, tightened down and ready to go at this point!




If you have any questions let me know!





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If anybody thought I was kidding when I said drill your holes in the bed a little oversized...
This rollbar was in this truck from day one it looks like and look at how much bigger the hole is than the bolt and nut.

I also show a comparison of the stock hardware versus the hardware in my bracket kits

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