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Instrumentation Cluster Issue

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Hey Everyone,


I have a 89' 4.0 L Comanche where the instrumentation panel won't work except for the turn signal indicators. Everything else won't function including the mechanical speedometer. If anyone has any input that would be greatly appreciated. I have checked the fused under the dash and replaced the one that was broken. Thank you for your time and help.

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Yeah the speedometer is mechanical so it’s nothing to do with the electronics of the cluster. Is it a standard/manual transmission? Reason I ask is in my 85 XJ had fuse box trouble because the previous owner had a leaking clutch master cylinder which is directly above the fuse box.

If not it’d check the fuse terminals for the gauges to see if it has power then move on down the line, I would be tempted to pull the cluster just to check if it’s all plugged in and the printed circuit is ok, but the circumstances where they are not ok are to the extreme, probably best to start small.

The speedometer has a cable that goes back to the transfer case or transmission along the drivers side from the fire Wall, some have a box the plug into near the fire wall for the cruise control I think.

I forgot what year you have and can’t scan back with this app but there are different Renix era harness plugs that might be an issue.

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Thank you for the replies everyone. Went through and check everything again in the fuse box as well as the grounds. After ensuring the ground was good it turned out that the fuse box for the dash fuse was a bit corroded. When I checked and cleaned the fuse, I didn't clean the fuse box side. Now all the gauges expect the fuel work correctly. It seems like the fuel has a bad ground as it moves but is not aligned to the full or empty markings.

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