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Sun visor help

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You need:

Card stock

Headliner foam backed cloth (looks like your visors are leaning on some in the photos)

Headliner spray glue

and maybe a good wife.....


I recreated the card stock interior with cardboard, using the deteriorated card stock as a template After the job was done, I found a large enough piece of card stock that came in some packaging at work (actually, I started seeing it everywhere). So look through trash for the first item. Big pieces might come from packaging for flat screen TV's, separating plastic panels, etc. While the cardboard is pretty robust, if I had to do it over again, I would use the thinner card stock since a sewing machine would likely be able to stitch the edges. My wife hand-stitched the edge of my sloppy job which made it look like a professional did it.

Cost = Free.....?


The foam backed cloth I got from Amazon. Cloth is sold by the yard (36 inches) and generally comes in a width of around 52-60 inches. So buying two yards will get you a piece of cloth that is about 72 inches by 52-60 inches. This is enough to screw up doing the headliner once and then do it right with the wife's help. I was fortunate to be able to save about half of the screw up job, which was enough to do the visors. If you are just doing the visors, then one yard is plenty.

Cost = about $25 for two yards, I didn't get the expensive stuff, obviously. 


The headliner spray glue can be obtained from any auto parts store (or other places). I've used both the 3M Headliner and Fabric Adhesive (item number 38808) and Permatex Heavy Duty Headliner and Carpet Adhesive (item number 27828, which I got from AutoZone). One can is enough to do the visors. I'd go with at least three cans for the headliner and visors together.

Cost = $13 a can for the Permatex spray and $20 a can for 3M from AutoZone.

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