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Bye bye BA 10

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So, my Transmision died, starting the look for an AX-15. Not sure what to expect, guessing around a Grand just for the tranny. Don't have time or knowledge to install myself either. So any thoughts on my total cost? Things to be aware of? Thanks in advance.




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car-part.com can help with junkyard searches. :thumbsup:   be sure to search for various years of XJ since the part numbers changed but the trans will still work.  95+ will be external slave.  

there are at least 3 pull-a-part yards near atlanta, but it's hit or miss on what they contain.  the website will at least tell you what years of Jeep are there and what isle they are in.  pullapart.com 

you'll need a matching t-case too (spline count changes) as well as the crossmember, motor mount, and I think maybe the t-case linkage.  

and as always, check craigslist for complete XJs. :thumbsup:  

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I second looking for an XJ with an AX-15. I picked up an XJ with one for $300. It had been sitting for years, but for the price I was able to pull the tranny, which turned out to be fine, and part out the rest to recoup my cost. Junkyard shopping is always a good option too. I wouldn't expect to pay a grand for one unless it was rebuilt and certified. Try and find an AX15e which has the external slave cylinder.

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2 hours ago, Pete M said:

 and I think maybe the t-case linkage.  



Yes.  You'll need the crossmember, and pretty much the entire shift linkage except for the actual shift lever assembly that bolts inside the cab.  You will need the opposite side of that assembly (the part that bolts to the underside of the trans tunnel).

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