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Oil Change Follies

NC Tom

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Ever have one of those days when something simple turns into something you might see on The Three Stooges? I had one except I was all of the Stooges!


Started my oil change as usual. Grabbed a long bucket to slide underneath because the length lets me drain oil without over-shooting the pan and making a mess. Or so I thought.

Get the plug out without issue and the oil drops right into the bucket. No mess! I was so excited that I was finally going to NOT spill oil all over the place. Well, I'm laying there under the MJ looking at just stuff, you know, when I look over at the bucket. The bucket is leaking oil everywhere! There was a large crack in the bottom. Not a hole, so I didn't see it. I run to get another bucket and swap out the cracked one. Made a mess, of course. Well, I let the oil finish draining for a while. When done, I move the bucket out and finish up the job. Then, I decided to reattach my lower dash panel that had been flopping around. The plastic screw holes had broke and would not stay tight. Anyhoo, I'm standing there with the passenger door open, when I decide to step backwards. Guess what's behind me? Yep, a bucket with oil in it! I knock the bucket over, while stumbling like an idiot, spilling even more oil! At this point, I just had to laugh. I think I only saved 1 quart of oil. The rest is on my drive, which is gravel.


I know this is long, but I thought some appreciation could be had here.


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