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JT CAD render:

Sir Sam

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3 hours ago, HOrnbrod said:

Either way, they both look like crap.    :crazy:   Two too many doors.


LOL ya, but its what sells, its also part of what killed the MJ when it died.


I got a coworker who just had his first kid and will be selling his TJ to pickup a 4 door diesel colorado. If the wrangler truck was out already and had a diesel option he would get it. Heck if the truck was out he might get it.

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Ya, understand you gotta do what you gotta do. But that thing is really butt ugly man. I have a 15 JKU (the wifey's) and she loves it. She needs 4-DR to haul the grand kids around and loves her Wrangler. I showed her a pic of what the JT should look like, and another pic of the new JLU, and it was no contest. She hates the JT more than I do. At least next year we'll have some interesting powertrain choices. 

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Most people might hate this more, but what would really make a practical vehicle is a forward control Jeep again. Same short wheelbase(potentially) with just as much interior room and a giant bed:





I'm also into old Volkswagens, got my fiancee to agree to purchase a VW T3 syncro doka to use as transportation around Europe for our honey moon and then ship back to the US:



I just wish the new JT shoved the cab further forward to keep the wheelbase shorter and the bed longer.


Looks like I just need one of these:







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