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How to Convert to front leafs???

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I am thinking about converting to leaf springs up front. I know a couple people have done it here i am wondering the cost and the street handling.


Also how they did thier setup. I am only wanting to match my rear spring over so anywhere around 6 inches would be good.


Maybe yj stock leafs.



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My street handling is horrible. If I was to do it over again, I'd probably do it right. I mean, 0* caster and a very strange steering setup doesn't make for the best driver experience. And horrible shocks don't help...



If I was driving it a bunch, I'd definatly not do front leafs. But that's me. In all my experience, a half decent coil setup will outdrive leafs anyday.



Oh, there's hidden costs. Highsteer (you need it anyways), longer driveshaft, new shocks, more steering components, etc etc.



Ohyeah, I have waggy fronts. Sits maybe at 8, 8.5". Who knows. It could be made to sit down a lot better. You'd jsut have to notch the frame. Which is actually a good idea. But front leafs are a toyota thing. Not a jeep thing. Mine are going to be changed...

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That's funny you say that dirty...


Every person i've ever heard of doing a front leafs on their MJ/XJ has regretted it in some way or another.


I've always wanted to do it because leafs are way simpler than coils n junk, but all the regret really holds me back. I don't think i'll ever get around to it with my current laundry list of to-do's... :hateputers:

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I figured it was worth a shot. I like to think I started my conversion (and maybe even finished it) before it became a fad. Now it seems everybody is either doing it, or wants to. There was a time when it was 'the thing' to put front leafs on TJs. Mysteriously enough, you don't see many of them around anymore.



I think that front leafs can work well. And I think it's probably better to have front leafs and rear coils than the other way around. However, with the XJ/MJ platform you have perfectly good provisions for coils right from the factory. So why not use them? Well, there is cost. Which link suspension isn't actually much more - if you have the fab skills to make a front leaf setup. Sure, you have to spend a few bucks on coil springs, where-as most guys can pull leafs from a junkyard. And there's a few bucks for the good flex joints. And a few more for link material. But as a whole, it really isn't a lot more. I have way more money in my steering setup than my suspension. And again, way more in my axles. Another thing about links, is I think many people are scared because it isn't 'simple'. Which is probably a notion spawned from hearing people (me?) talk about a bunch of gibberish like anti-squat/dive, roll axis, instant centre, etc. Or from not having looked at enough designs to fully understand them. I hate to say it, but if you follow a general forumal for you link lengths and placements, and leave a little adjustability, you don't really have to worry about doing the math part. And almost all link suspensions are actually quite simple once it is all boiled down.

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My J10 has leaf springs, good front shocks, leaf springs and air shocks in the rear, and it rides much smoother than my Comanche but certianly is nowhere as nimble.

I attributed the weight of the J10 to the smooth ride, but could it be that the leaf springs are largely responsible, and is the trade off handeling? :bowdown:

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