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89 MJ won't rev over 2500 rpm, no power, need ideas?

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I have an 89 MJ with a 94 4.0 engine, it's still the renix system. It's been running perfect till yesterday, when I came to a large hill I noticed it had lost power. I could put it in neutral and it won't rev over about 2500, feels like it's not getting gas. I replaced the fuel filter and the pump today, didn't affect it at all. Any ideas would be apprieciated, thanks

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Dind, ding, ding, we have a winner! Eagle! I just went out and unbolted the convertor and it reved like a demon! I was surprised it had stopped up suddenly as it did but it seems the internal filling of the convertor had broken up and clogged the outlet. Thanks guys for the suggestions and thanks to Comanche Club.

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alright i think I'm having the same problem so time to pull this thread out of the grave.


driving today cruisin at like 45 slowed to turn, slow to bout 10ish put her in second and hit the gas.. Bleghhhhhhh-roooooom... didnt want to go. (not like my truck, which usualyl wants to spin out in the same situation)


then it felt the rest of the trip at like 45-50 that i was driving with 500lbs in the bed. ?? wth


so i come to a stop and the jeep nearly stalls, OH CRAP I'm running out of gas, duh... get gas, nothing. still wants to stall, running like 100-200rpm idle at best, feels alright at 3k but still not its usual self?


all plug wires look good, dist. is recently new, fuel filter is new, ballast is fine ??? cat?

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