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Clutch not working

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92 Comanche, 4.0L, 4x4, Short box, 3" skyjacker


I was driving my jeep the other day and the clutch didnt seem to be working properly. If I push it slowly, it'll go right to the floor and the reservoir will fill up with (i'm guessing) air. When I let out the clutch, the reservoir goes down to where it was. When this happens I can't put it in or take it out of gear.


When I stomp the clutch to the floor it usually works properly and the reservoir doesn't change how much fluid is in it.


If I hold the clutch to the floor, say at a red light, it slowly leaks and the truck will try to roll forward.


The clutch does not have to be engaged to start the truck.


There is no fluid leak anywhere.


My guess is the clutch master cylinder. I'm really hoping it's not the slave because mine is internal :(


Anyone have any other guess other than the master? I'm not a super mechanic or anything but I know I could change that on my own. Any help would be appreciated.


Cheers mates

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you're not actually losing fluid then? my bet's the master cyl


mine went out like 3 weeks after i bought the truck it just all the sudden didnt work, randomly i'd have to pump it to get it in gear then itd be fine then one mornin, nothin at all


like a 20-40$ part and maybe 2 hrs.

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look up inside under the dash. above the fusebox, feel the bottom of the reservoir with your finger and pull it out. if it's wet, the master is leaking. this is likely.


on that note, then buy some electrical cleaner in a spray can and spray the crap out of your fusebox as well...as clutch fluid eats electrical connections.


if that is not the case, then you need to be looking down at the bellhousing area for anything wet that doesn't look like it's actual oil. problem is that were the slave leaking, it would prove to flow into the same area as any oil leaks do...and therefore be non-discernable from the oil.

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The check valve to the reservoir is leaking. This valve allows the reservoir to fill the system when there is no brake pressure. As you push the pedal the fluid pressure closes this valve so that the fluid is sent to the slave. In your case the fast push is faster than the leak.

Pull it out and replace the master cylinder or rebuild it. After trying a few rebuild kits, I think I know why the rebuilt units at the parts stores leak so soon. There is very poor cross reference to the kit part number. Many of the cylinders have the diameter size cast in the body. Make sure the rebuild kit is the same size. If it is smaller than it should be, it a good chance in six months it will leak onto the fuse box.

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