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Whats That Sound ?

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ok so i have an 86 MJ and it has a 3.4 in it 

i was able to get the motor in there and running 

when the engine is in park it sounds fine but when i switch it to drive or reverse i get the weird sound you here 

i was wondering if anybody knew what it was 




the video starts off with me starting the truck 

then about half way in the video i switch it to reverse from park and i get that sound

then i switch it back to park

also i can drive the truck as is so it does work i just have that annoying sound to deal with 


if i can fix that sound and the RPM gauge then the truck is pretty much ready 

to be teared down and cleaned up then put all back together 


what do you guys think 

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i went back and tried to listen for where the sound is coming from 

so i put blocks behind the tires started the truck put it in reverse 

and jumped out so i could get under the vehicle and listen 

it sounds like its coming from where the tranny connects to the motor so 

could it be the torque converter is not installed properly or its a bad one ?


does that even sound like a probable cause 

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