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Building the beast

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we all agree that the 4.0 is one beast of an engine, too bad is no longer made, ever since i got my comanche i have been studying it and still can`t find the secret of its power, it delivers more HPs than similar engines like the Ford 300 which ironicly has more cc or the slant 6 that never was considered powerful, reliable and tough yes, but not powerful...


anyway, my 88 renix 4.0 is working fine and still has some life ahead but now my goal is to build a frankestein of a 4.0, with the best parts available and in order to do that i need your advise, because many heads think better than one, based on your experience, what are the parts i mus look for?


- engine block = i have read that 95+ are stronger

- engine head = do any HO will do or is there a special one?




note: i come across a lot of junked/wrecked XJs i just need to know which ones to crack open





if it was up to you to bring back the 4.0, what would you change/add to improve it?

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