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88 MJ Body Data plate

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I've had this jeep with a blown motor for about 10 years.  One of my sons.  I have twins.  Fell in love with it so instead of fixing it and flipping it it stayed.  Glad I did now.  Anyway does anyone have any info on the body data tag?  I know CA is Pearl White.  Top is vin I know but what are the other numbers meaning?



I emailed Jeep and they sent me to Chrysler Historical Services but they only sent me a couple brochures.  I tried to post them to photobucket but they don't take pdf's.

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How's this compare to the actual product?


VIN : 1JTHG64P0JT193899
Country : United States
Manufacturer : Jeep Corporation
Vehicle Type : Truck
Engine : 2.46L 4 Cyl. TBI
Powertrain : 4-speed automatic, column gear shift, 2 W/D
Line (Body Type) : Jeep Comanche, 2-W/D Pickup, 6.0' bed, 113" wheel base
Model and Gross Vehicle Weight : 4001#-5000# : Comanche Pioneer [1815/2268 Kg] * 6001#-7000# : J-20 Truck [2722/3176 Kg]
Check Digit : 0
Year : 1988
Plant Location : Toledo, Ohio, USA
Sequential Serial Number : 193899
Check Digit Test : VIN errone - Check digit devrait etre 9

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