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You need to get a full cluster from an 87-90 MJ or XJ.  These have the cable speedos.  Later HOs have electronic speedos.


IDK if the tachs are specific to 4 cyl and 6 cyl.  Wiser men then I know for sure.




Give us more info on you MJ - engine, trans, 2 or 4 wd, any modifications (axle swap, lifts, etc.)

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More details:


The XJ and MJ instrument clusters are interchangeable, so you can use XJs for source material. All XJs and MJs used mechanical (cable) speedometers up through 1990. However, there was a change either at the end of the 1986 model year or mid-year 1987 from a speedo cable with a metal connector that screwed onto the back of the speedo head, to a newer style with a white nylon retaining lock that snaps onto the speedo head with no screws. At the same time they changed to the newer style speedo connector, they also changed to a tachometer with an adjustable potentiometer that can be used with either the 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engine. But -- if you get a 4-cyl tach and put it in a 6-cyl vehicle, it will NOT read correctly unless you adjust the potentiometer.


I'm really not certain what was used in the 1987 vehicles so, to be completely safe, I would suggest that you limit your search to 1988 through 1990. If you find something from a 1987, before buying take a look to be sure the speedometer connection is the same as yours. The older style will also go into your truck, but you'll have to change the speedometer cable.

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My parts 87 XJ, that my 3/4 cluster came out of has the nylon clip. Although, not sure if there was a changeover during that year or whatever.

I'm not sure about 1987 either. My MJ Pioneer is an '87. The speedometer and tachometer both have the old face design (with small ticks for every one MPH and a larger tick at fives and tens), which is why I suspect it may be the old style connector. But I haven't crawled under the dash to look at the back of the speedometer.

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Wow, so I totally lucked out finding a tach cluster for my '86 2.8L comanche in an '86 2.8l Cherokee at the JY.  The cluster was a perfect match in terms of the gauge face design, so I swapped my speedo over  to retain the miles that my truck worked hard to earn, and plopped it in.  Since then, I've not seen a single cluster like it.  


I guess all it means is that if you're getting a cluster from a pre-electronic Jeep, you should also get the speedo drive cable just to be sure you can hook it up.  The trans/T-case end is always the same from what I've seen... 

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