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Drive shaft for 4.0 Swap

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For anyone doing the swap and at the point it shortening the drive shaft.


I followed the local drive shaft shops way of measuring and found my length to 39 in. It ended up being to long so if you get a shop to do it I would recommend like 38 in. Or 37in. I had to take 1in of the the slip yoke to get it to fit and even then it was a tight fit

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You need to find a different drive shaft shop. When Tom Woods made my shaft it fit the very first time.


So did mine. That's because we sent Tom the correct dimensions. He even called me back to verify before cutting because he thought it might be too long (2WD + LWB = 60"+). I've never heard of his shop screwing up a drive shaft if they get the right u-joint cap to u-joint cap length dimension.

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