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Ratty leather-wrapped Steering Wheel at 120K Miles and PA inspection


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My dad was looking at an 1988 Comanche Pioneer, because it was a nice looking truck on the outside, but decided against it, as it was a plow truck which is brutal on the suspension, drive train, and frame, and an '88. It was on craigslist in PA, but somebody bought it before we could see it. It ended up on eBay, as they guy who bought it, is now selling it. The person who sold it first wasn't truthful in their description, as the 2nd buyer showed more pictures of it, including of rust and of the interior. My dad didn't make the connection that they were both the same truck, until I mentioned the way the front bumper was mounted in front of the plow parts, and the way the front suspension sagged. The interior looked really nice except for the steering wheel, which was coming apart at the stitching. 


Would a ratty leather-wrapped steering wheel at 120K miles be normal for these trucks and do the PA safety inspection requirements include a working speedometer/odometer? I know that pre-'91 speedometers/odometers are cable driven which means they can't work intermittently. Would a ratty leather-wrapped steering wheel be a sign of the vehicle having more than 120K miles?

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