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4 hole injectors. How to?

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I would start by labeling the connectors for the injectors, so you know which cylinder injector they go to. 

Then unclip and remove said connectors.


At this point there are a couple of different ways you can go with this. 

1)Remove the bolts holding the fuel rail down and then pull up carefully, removing the injectors from the cylinders. 

Pull the vac line from the FPR. If you can get the rail up and out it will be easier to R&R the fuel injector clips. 

Make sure that if a o-ring comes off the injector that is it removed from the rail before re-assembly. 

Install the new injectors, attach clips.

Reinstall the opposite way.

2)Remove the clips off the injectors that hold them to the rail. Remove the bolts for the fuel rail. 

Pull up on the rail, remove injectors, install new injectors and attach clips. 

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It's easy with a little elbow grease. 


Unscrew the little metal pressure release valve and push the pin to let out the pressure.

There's two fuel lines, one at the front, one at the back of the fuel rail, just unplug those and enjoy the smell of gasoline on your skin for the next 24 hours.

Unclip the electrical connections from the injectors. 

Leave the pressure regulator on the rail and unplug the vacuum line.

Unbolt the fuel rail from the intake, and then start jimmying the whole thing out. The injectors are held into the rail with little clips but leave these on, all the injectors will come out of the head together then remove them from the rail on the bench. 


Mine took a lot of jimmying and persuasion because the O-rings in there are a nice tight fit.  Might have to use some spray lube to help them out.  Be careful not to jimmy too hard or you can bend the rail. 


New injectors into the rail, clip them in, insert all 6 into the head at once with the rail.  Use some motor oil on the o-rings, plug everything in, enjoy restored performance.  I idled mine for while to check for leaks then did some short drives and checked again.

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