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Need help - MacBook


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My late wife and I adopted her granddaughter from Chile. My daughter has dual citizenship, and is currently enrolled in college in Chile. Almost two years ago, in Santiago, Chile, I bought a new MacBook for my daughter, who was starting college at the time. We bought it at an Apple store in Santiago, and I paid an extra $200 or $300 for the full Microsoft Office suite. My daughter is home for a visit on semester break (remember, it's winter down there), and she just informed me that she never received the Microsoft Office that we paid for.


I'm sure the receipt is long gone, and I wouldn't expect the store to believe we went almost two years without noticing that we hadn't received a $300 chunk of the purchase. So I don't expect to be able to send her back to the store and get a new copy of the CD (or DVD). Probably my best alternative is to find some kind person who qualifies for an academic discount to buy me a new copy. Doesn't have to be the absolute latest and greatest -- one version back would be fine -- as long as it has the current (hateful) interface.


Does anyone have a copy they'd be interested in selling? Or is anyone a student with access to a killer deal?


Gotta move quick -- she's in the U.S. on semester break and will fly back to Chile on July 28th.

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