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Brake line help

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Okay so I ran into a slight delima, I'm confident it's a FAIRLY easy fix I just need some more information... The PO replaced the master cylinder shortly before I bought the truck, well now that I'm tearing it apart I found that whoever they had replace it rounded off several of the fittings headed to both the proportioning valve, and MC. I guess my question is can I just replace those lines with some copper or steel tubing from the hardware store and some flare fittings? I noticed that the existing tubes are flares out on the end and I wasn't sure if that would make a difference!

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You can't use copper tube or tubing fittings. They are not DOT approved and are unsafe.

You need to use steel or copper nickel iron tube.

Also known as Cunifer tube. You also need to use regular brake nuts and have a double flaring tool kit or buy the premade lengths.

It isn't that hard to do. One of the first tools I bought myself was a brake tubing flare kit at 16 years old to put all new lines in my $25 1970 Maverick.

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You can rent an adequate but not good brake line flaring tool that will come with instructions at most auto parts stores. Almost any parts store should have the brake line you need as well as flare nuts. When you flare the new line (or reflare the old) do NOT use a single flare. Double only.


I'm almost positive the lines are 3/16" throughout the truck.


You may be able to get away with cutting a small part of the existing line off with a tubing cutter and re-flaring it with a new nut depending on space. If you need to replace a line, cunifer is better than steel since it's much easier to work with.


As a side note, only use a GOOD QUALITY flare wrench on brake fittings. Cheap flare wrenches (or anything that's not a flare wrench) has a 95% chance of rounding them off. That reminds me, I need to pick up a good set before I do my master cylinder job.

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