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homemade rear bumper

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Ok guys I was looking around and wasn't to enthused with prices on aftermarket bumpers. When I bought the truck it came with a bumper sitting in the bed so I just robbed the brackets off of it and plated them up. Nabbed some 2"x5"x.25" tube from the local scrap yard and made a complete bumper with flush mount receiver, recovery points, and an adjustable tag bracket. I know I will get a hard time for the tag but I really wanted it up and away from things I might potentially back it into or scrap it on.




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that's what I think I'm going to end up doing, looks pretty good! a decent looking plate locations always been my killer. how far did you have the receiver square go in / how do you attach a hitch in that set up

The pin goes behind the bumper, I used a 2.5" to 2" reducer from WalMart. It was predrilled and ready to go. I cut 3" off the long side then just set it flush with the outside.

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