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Thursday meet and greet and weekend run at Elbe ORV park

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Blackout Jeep Club meeting this Thursday, 3/19 at Rogue Brewery in Issaquah.  A ton of information is going to be handed out about the upcoming run this weekend to Elbe ORV park, as well as details for our very own Jeep show at XXX, coming up on the 29th. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting 


ELBE ORV Required Gear

In case you missed the mention last week, our Elbe run this Sunday requires a little more safety equipment than the usual minimum requirements. Not having all of the equipment on this list means you cannot go on this run. We're not messin' around. Your safety and the safety of others on the trail is our first priority. Make sure you have:

  • CB
  • Recovery Strap (Usually  3”x 30’ rated up to 24,000 lbs) Note: Harbor Freight carries this for about $30. This is NOT a tow strap with hooks.
  • 2 D-Ring Shackles
  • Shovel
  • Recovery hooks and/or shackle attachment points, on the front and back of your rig

Need a copy of the basic essentials? Get it here. Again, please feel free to contact us you have any questions.


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