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97 xj buckets

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95 up XJ seats are different than 94 and earlier XJ seats in the way they attach to the floor.


I am in the process of mounting 95 plus buckets (actually Grand Cherokee) into my 91 MJ.  It will be a bolt in adaptation, but a bit of a kludge.  Shelbyluv has posted a weld in adaptation of the Grand Cherokee seats about 4 or 5 years ago.  93 plus Grand Cherokee and 95 plus XJ seats use the same mounting brackets.


When I am reasonably happy with the first seat, I will post a DIY article.  So far I have used 4 pieces of unistrut and 2 pieces of .25 by 1 inch flat stock.  Seat sits a bit too high for me so I need to get it lower and eliminate 2 pieces of unistrut.

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