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Manifold bolts

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What combo of wrench, socket, wobbler is needed to work on the lower manifold bolts? (Renix 4.0)  I tried every combo in my toolbox and finally gave up. Put everything back together and will live with a small exhaust leak.

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I can get to them all if I use a 3/8" drive ratchet and a 10" extension with two knuckles (one at each end of the extension). This is with normal sockets, deep sockets get stuck in between the exhaust manifold pipes and the intake manifold in my experience. I have to straddle the driver side fender with one leg inside the engine bay (foot planted right about where the airbox goes) to reach the bolts. This allows me to use my left hand to reach up under the intake manifold and guide the socket to the bolt heads.


It is a huge pain in the @$$ and if anyone has a better method I want to know!

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I used a 9/16" gear wrench (box wrench with ratcheting end) and a flex socket with a 3", and 6" wobbler and an extra 3" extension mixed in as needed.

I pull the airbox out as well.


Of course now I can grab all the bolts with the gear wrench, from above an below since I swapped the HO head and manifolds in and removed the airbox for a cone filter.

Otherwise, I still use the same combo listed above.

The flex socket mentioned is a ujoint, and socket, all in one piece.

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