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Ignition Lock Cylinder 97+

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I've been looking at a lot of threads and haven't noticed an answer yet. Will the ignition lock cylinder from a 97+ Jeep Cherokee fit in the stock column of my 87 Jeep Comanche? I am doing the 97+ door upgrade and would love to have a single key for doors and ignition. 

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No, won't work, a 91 or newer column will use a single style key similar to the 97+ and the door locks should be swappable.

But the later lock cylinder is not going to fit where the old one lived without a new column.

I have a 92 column in my MJ, just have to swap to 91+ doors now for the single key. The later door locks have a larger base than the earlier door opening.

So, 97+ doors, and 91+ column rekeyed to match doors should do it. Or have the doors rekeyed to match the column. But my 'new' MJ key fits both my 00 XJ and my wife's 08 JK cylinders so it should work.


Of note... The ign switch plugs are upside down compared to the earlier columns, when you get to it and find they don't seem to fit.

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I'm fairly certain the 91+ non-airbag column uses a cylinder made to fit into the hole the old single sided one did. My ignition is worn and I've been considering putting a single sided cylinder in because it's only about $7 and a new Chrysler cylinder is more like $40. Cheap guy problems. If the $7 cyl fits where the $40 one goes, it will work the other way around.

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