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aeon imports radiator

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I don't know much of the seller or the product but while searching for a new radiator I found this one:


its $65 shipped.
I just purchased because I figured can't go wrong with a 2 row radiator for $65 with a lifetime warranty

just curious if anybody has any experience/opinions with this product


When I get to installing (delivery will be on or before 11/24), I will let everyone know how it went for anybody in the future looking for a replacement radiator as if it is a good radiator, its a damn good price too.


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I also used them but only once. For the comanche I went with the advance auto and used the 40 off of a 100 with free shipping and got it at the same price. So if mines does take a crap then it's a short trip to the store to get it replace without questions being asked versus fighting with a company that could care less.

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