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Fuel pressure regulator o-rings?

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I am replacing my fuel pressure regulator today, when I bought the new one last night it already has the oring installed on the part that enters the fuel rail but it also included two black orings and one clearish maybe nylon ring. My current setup has nothing installed anywhere except where it enters the fuel rail. Do these orings belong on the metal fuel line? What should the sequence be when installing these?

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Just my experience, from my own Jeeps and my JY training.


First just use what is already on your truck. If it leaks, then lay the new ones out

best match to worse and start the T n'E process.


Several of these "quick disconnects" seem to come with a spacer but they never seem

to work for my stuff.


Good Luck.

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the plastic part you described is all that should be on the fuel line but the regulator has orings and a spacer that get installed first i got mine from amazon .

the plastic part that installs the orings and spacers helps a lot but the pic will show you the order if u want to install them another way.

its likely that your old regulator had them inside the fitting because they don't come out when you remove it,

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