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i keep buying $300. comanches and having them towed home.


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 other than the 91 eliminator which i paid a thousand for, -  the blue one, the grey one, and now I'm just in from making a deal on  a $300 one that sets a record for ugly, but has no rust.  its a 87 short box 4x4, 4 cyl, 5spd sport truck (arent they usually 4 spds?). has a canopy and heavy rear bumper exactly like the one on my 91.  

  its so ugly because someone painted it od green and it's that cheap because the internal slave doesnt even work a little bit.  after the fiasco with my 91 I'm open to the probability that the clutch may be garbage too. in the case of the 91 the spring part of the clutch ( not sure what that part is called - with the points ...) turned out to be the problem so after a couple of new slaves a whole new clutch finally fixed it.  

  anyway, the first 2 $300 mj s cleaned up fairly nice ( i was motivated because they were both fairly desireable. -  sporttruck/schmorttruck) , and i think with a bit of work this one could end up making a good truck too.  i drove it around  the guys yard and it runs great, has a brand new battery, no rust  (and no sliding rear window) and was about to be sent for scrap.  so i threw out that i would give him scrap plus 100.  

  i just emptied every pocket so this one will have to sit and wait just like the other ones did.  :)

 pics to follow, but believe me, theyre nothing worth waiting for, lol.  

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