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Leaking fuel pump & muffler

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Now that it seems like my problems with my truck shutting off are solved, I need to tackle some other problems.


First is the fuel pump. It is leaking were the wires come out of the assembly. Is there any sealant I can use to stop the leak or is this an item I can buy. When I changed the pump a few years ago, the complete assembly was not available. So I modified the old one to use the Bosh pump.


Second is the muffler. It split when the truck was backfiring. I know that there was a recent post on mufflers, but what I am looking for is fuel economy and the best torque (not so much the sound it produces). What do you recommend? I remember Eagle saying that our trucks need a certain amount of back pressure. If there is a muffler that gives me the best of both worlds that would be great.


Thank You.

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Please do not use sealant to fix the leak!....

It's an oring that finally went out and you need to replace...it happened to me and I lost more than have a tank of gas trying to get home and getting it fixed....


Read this thread it'll give you pics of some of process you need to do the oring change and the part# to the box in the help section for various oring set but there's only one size that fits....



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