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2wd/4wd ball joints the same?

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For a 1991 2WD Comanche, are the 2WD & 4WD upper and lower ball joints the same? I'm looking for 2WD part numbers.


Looking online it looks like Moog is the best brand, and the following part numbers:

Upper: K3134 or K3134T (not sure on the difference between the two?)

Lower: K3136T


I don't know what the deal is with the T on the end of the part number for the uppers, weird.


The local auto parts store carries "Certified" brand with the same part # of K3134T for a few bucks less so I'm wondering if it's re-branded, I'm gonna say "yes".


I also found Dana kit (upper & lower together) 706944X.

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I picked up two NOS sets of XJ/MJ Mopar ball joints locally last year in the original Chrysler packaging from a Craigslist ad, along with a bunch of other Jeep NOS stuff. I'll open them up tomorrow and see what numbers are stamped on them. I have no idea who the supplier was for these.

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No, personal stash. Don't need to install yet, but later down the bumpy road.


The AB suffix usually designates a supplier change and/or design change; they are interchangeable and backward compatible. Like the front door check; there are at least five different part numbers for it and they all work.

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