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Mini spool

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If these are what i think they are, then a mine spool will replace the spider gears in your current gear carrier.  the spool Locks both axle shafts so they will always spin at the same rate.  however because this will not unlock like an auto locker or selectable locker it cause the wheels to chirp and skip when making turns.  the weakest link will be the gear carrier.


auto lockers, when making a turn will allow the outside wheel (the faster spinning tire) to unlock, 


I have an auto locker in my rear D44 it handles good on and off road

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I had a lockright in my old 35 and a few months after I installed it I broke the center shaft so I installed one out of a full size chevy but had to cut it down cause it was to long. I ran that till I broke all the pins in it then I just welded the 2 half's together making it into a spool and drove it for 2 years like that till I swapped axles ! I drove a lot better like that than it did with the locker in it , no more unexpected lane changes but I ate tires like crazy and it was super fun in the rain ! I wouldn't recommend it for everyone though because you always have to pay attention wile driving especially in the rain.

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