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The start of a new Comanche Day

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My wife drove my 88 Comanche Chief to work today so that a guy could come and change the windshield.


I heard her crank the truck  and then back up to head down the driveway...then the phone rings.


"I rolled the window all the way down".

The left door window regulator is stripped at the bottom of the travel, and I marked a line on the window with a marker to remind me (and her) not roll the window down past that point.

She's a good girl, so I went out and used a pair of pliers to pull the glass up so that the regulator would work.


Next it was "Does the defroster work?

Well it used to.

"Get in the truck and we'll take it down to the shop so I can look at the fuse".


Turn the ignition switch and no crank.

I have power to the solenoid, so I take a sledge hammer and bump the starter with the handle.

It cranks.

Never had to do that before.


Get it to the shop and get a flashlight to look under the dash.

I pull the 30A fuse for the blower and it's still good but has been hot.

I look at the fuse terminal and it's melted and the metal is pushed back too far and is too corroded to contact the fuse.

I've had to change that fuse before but never had this problem.

I cut a piece of 16 gage copper wire, bent it into a U shape and hit the ends on the bench grinder to give them a sharp point.

I then plugged the wire into the fuse holder to make contact.

I hope nothing shorts out in the blower today, or it'll be a smoke bomb.


These Jeeps seem to have a personality of their own, and this one is having a bad day.


I just hope she makes it back home with a new Glass.


Just venting


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