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86 auto trans problem

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I am in need of some help and direction.


I have an 86 4 wheel with a 2.8 3 speed automatic with several issues.


The one that I’m currently working on is the transmission. Other than a leak that I can’t find, it seems to slip when I first start out in the morning and when I’m pulling a light load approx 2000 pounds it doesn’t want to stay in drive. It continually downshifts into second gear. I changed the fluid with Dextron and the filter.


I also added a quart of Lucas.


I have a Haynes manual and in there it talks about adjusting the bands however I don’t understand the procedure that they give.

I also mentioned this to an old race car driver and he suggested running Type F fluid in it.

I would really appreciate any help I could get very much,



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A band adjustment would help alot. I did it to the slightly larger version of this trans I had in my old Grand Wagoneer, the A999. Yes the procedure is a little confusing but it isnt hard to do and makes a big difference, do a search on youtube for a video of the procedure. That trans is as I said, similar to the A999 and the TF727. Below is some links to info and history. Hope this helps.







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