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Accessory Circuit not coming on at correct times

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Hey guys, been living with/battling this issue for a few weeks so I thought maybe you all had some ideas.


So the issue is with my 1989 auto on column Pioneer with the 4.0l 2wd. (sig for link)


Whenever I start the truck it starts fine but the accessory circuit does not come on ie no wipers, radio, ac, turn signals.


Additionally, occasionally when I turn the truck off the accessory circuit comes on and stays on even with the key removed.


At first I thought it was the ignition key cylinder because ever since i have had the truck I could remove the key with the truck running, so I went ahead and swapped that out first thing.


I tested it before reassembling the column and reattaching the steering wheel and all seemed well until I got it all back together and the problem persisted. 


I am thinking that maybe it is the ignition switch but since the truck starts with no problems I am unsure and don't want to make things worse by going down the wrong rabbit hole.


I am currently working around the issue by supplying the accessory circuit with power straight from the battery so I can still drive the truck, which is my daily driver. It is working well and I try not to draw too much current so I don't fry the whole thing. Luckily the main things are the tail lights and the wipers so my work around is working pretty well so far, just want to get it back to normal.


What do you guys think? :dunno:



Your advice is much appreciated.  :thumbsup:

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The big brown wire on the ignition switch, located down the column from the key switch is fried at the switch. 


Switch is now bad.


Replace switch, clean up that brown connector and wire as needed. 


Click on my Tech Tips link below and look on pages 1 and 3 to see what I'm referring to.

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