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Misadventures of Brush-In Bed-Liner

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So, my Comanche came from the previous owneer with a poorly installed bedliner, which was also gouged in several places and a little bit ill fitting, even.  Here is a picture: 



I decided to install a "brush in" bedliner instead, because it will actually stop the bed from rusting instead of just hiding what is going on.  The first step was to choose a paint in liner to use, and I went with Rustoleum's bed liner.


I also bought the applicator kit, and some automotive masking tape, and removed the existing bedliner to discover that there was all kinds of junk under my existing bedliner (such as nuts and bolts, leaves and twigs) as well as another poorly installed paint in bed liner.  Here is a picture:



You can see where the plastic bedliner actually rubbed most of the paint in liner off of the bed.  I took a pressure washer to it that I had actually borrowed for washing the undercarriage, which actually removed a lot of the paint:



And also exposed some rust:



So now I get to make sure I sand it really good before I paint in the liner. Unfortunately, I was hit with an unexpected thunderstorm and now have random showers expected until Tuesday.  I'm going to try to get the sanding done between showers today and tomorrow and then paint in the liner early Tuesday.  I'll post pictures and updates as I go.

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Good luck with everything! The key to a DIY bedliner is the prep. I used the Herculiner brand and it's held up great for years now.


Did you sand all the paint out, or did you just abrade it to make a surface for it to cling to?


Yes, definitely.  I didn't rough it up and pieces fall off daily.  Now I have to redo it.

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I was trying to actually go down below the paint in the whole truck bed, but that was a horrible idea, so now I'm just trying to rough it all up really quick like.  My truck box is on the way via UPS now, so I wanted it done before it got here so I've got to hurry and do something now.  Hopefully I should have some pics up in the next 24 to 48 hours or so.

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