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86 MJ 2.8 V6 gauge cluster swap

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Hey gents,

  has anyone done the dummy light to full gauge cluster swap on the above mentioned MJ?

Son has this truck, couple weeks back we picked up a full gauge set from a 86 fully loaded cherokee in a JY. We got the correct oil pressure sending unit and maybe the right temp unit. I am trying to find out, if we have the right temp sensor and where it goes in the block.  I have seen two spots on the front drivers side of the engine that could be spots for the sensor.


Just want to make sure, thanks guys.


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jimoshel, I went back to the JY to look at the donor Cherokee and, both, what I would say are the coolant sensors (front left, drivers side of the engine) were gone so I was not able to figure which is the correct temp sensor. No other jeeps with the 2.8 in the yard.

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got the gauge cluster in, speedo did not work and tac is not working. Changed the oil sending unit and its working. Changed the speedo with the old one from the dummy light cluster, works. Batt gauge flickers but that me be due to a funky connector on the alt. Still looking at the temp sending unit. I'll get pics up this afternoon for the choices of where to put it.

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