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Renix 2.5 vacuum lines

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OK, in my previous thread, I got a lot of good help in clearing up cylinder head torque questions.


When I pulled the head, spark plug #1 was pretty whitish.  The other three looked fairly OK.  Not sure why #1 would be burning lean and not the others.


I've noticed that the idle has been high the past couple of months, and it runs rough on start up.  I'm sure there has been at least a small vacuum leak for years, because under heavy accel, the HVAC would go to defrost.  It didn't affect the running of the car, so I never messed with it.  In the time it's been running poorly, when I turn the truck off (even if I wasn't using the HVAC), there is a "hisssss...clunk" from under the dash, I believe the vent door opening or closing.  This is a newer symptom.


However, now it's not running right, and the plugs are off, so I'm going to dig in.  The vacuum diagram in Chiltons and the FSM are really oversimplified, so it's not helpful for getting all the connections right.

I have an aftermarket open air cleaner under the hood, so the line to the air filter box is plugged.  I do run the EGR; I've plugged the vacuum line for the heater control valve, since mine hasn't had one since I've owned it.  Other than that, the leak could be anywhere.  Do I need to check under the dash?  The 4WD system (it works fine)?  Should I buy a new vacuum reservoir?


I guess what would help the most is someone with a 2.5 who's gone through the whole thing and knows every vacuum connection under the hood.  It's just a mess, and I need to get it done correctly, especially since everything is apart with the head off.


Thanks in advance!


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I have a vacuum diagram for ya. PM me with your email address. 


With the engine at idle, spray along where the intake manifold meets the head with throttle body cleaner. The vacuum leak will show up.


Just move the vacuum ball from the bumper to the passenger side rear corner of the engine bay and eliminate all the excess tubing. 

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Cruiser, have you had a chance to send it?  T_lardner at yahoo dot com is my email.

I saw the schematic that you have in your "technical photos" section; I don't have a PCV valve on my truck, never did. 


Has anyone re-done all the underhood vacuum lines/connections on a 2.5?

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