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Engine Build Costs, 2.5

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Core '97 2.5 complete                                 $180

Head                                                             250

Crank                                                              85

Block                                                             160

Mopar double roller timing set                      140

Lifters                                                             70

Hesco RV cam                                             280

Keith Black pistons                                       140

Total Seal rings                                             180

Bearing set                                                   100

Gasket set                                                      75

Banks header                                               400

Mopar wires                                                    40

Distributor                                                     100

Cam bearings                                                 40

Head bolts                                                      50

Oil pump                                                         80

Oil pan                                                          140

Misc.                                                               80


Total                                                         $2,450





This is where I'm at so far.

I picked up the core this weekend and have it tore down and ready for the machine shop.



For those of you who have built your own, what was your total costs?


If there is anything I'm missing......let me know.




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