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Another Bench To Bucket Seat Thread.

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I know this has been beaten to death, especially here on CC, but I'm still unclear on something.


I have the curved rail, 4-door XJ seats (have not been able to find 2-door straight railed to save my life).  I'm only 5'11" (6'0" when I'm bragging), so head room shouldn't be an issue.


Maybe I'm stupid or just over thinking this, but what part of the XJ seats do I need to remove and what part do I keep?  I haven't taken the MJ bench out since I bed lined the floors.  I started hacking away at the XJ seats and I think I'm cutting off the wrong rivets/studs.  So... look at these two edited photos and tell enlighten me.



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Went back out to the garage for a bit and drilled out the correct rivets...  Thought removing the XJ brackets would be easy after that, but quickly found out the hard way.  Apparently these things are also spot welded to the sliders.  Took a rubber mallet and got a few good swings in to knock them off.

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