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Battery Gauge Reading

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What is the normal range this gauge should read? I've replaced battery and starter both over the past few months(both were going) and my meter reads at the first mark after 9.It sometimes falls a little into the red below that hash mark but not much. If this isn't normal where should I look/check? I have a 87 2.5. Thx for the help. I haven't had any issues starting or with it dying but I want to prevent a possible future problem.

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First of all, it isn't a "battery" gauge. It's a volt meter. It registers the voltage in the system, but if the engine is running it should be reporting the alternator output voltage, not the battery voltage. To check battery voltage, turn on the ignition but do NOT start the engine.


Second, it can only report the voltage as it "sees" it ... at the dashboard, after the power has traveled a long distance through small wires and old, questionable connections. That's why Cruiser recommends cleaning up the connections. But, even after that, factory volt meters are not known for extreme accuracy.


To check your electrical system and alternator, start the engine. Use a multi-meter to check the voltage directly at the battery, between the two terminals. It should read approximately 13.6 volts. Then turn on the headlights and the heater blower and check it again. If the reading drops significantly with a heavy draw on the alternator, the alternator isn't doing its job.

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