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Renix 4.0 Raw Fuel Smell And Rough Idle

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Sometimes when i start my truck it starts fine. Other times its very rough and idles around 500 or less. Like it wants to stale. One time it actually did stale just from idling.


So i replaced the o2 sensor and tps because i thought those were tthe culprits. And i have 89,000 miles so a new o2 wouldnt hurt. My cps was brand new from mopar two years ago.


What else could this be? My exhaust smells very rich.

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Eh i had the ignition on when doing the ohm test. I did the ohm test with ignition off and it was nearly zero. And my tps voltage on the C terminal was .8 and the input voltage was 4.7 volts. So, 17% difference.


My map and tps seem fine. I did some tests on egr and when i unplugged the electrical connection with the output hose off (hose from solenoid to transducer) there was vaccum. Which is good. But when i put the output hose on there was no difference in idle. The hose is new. So I'm thinking its the egr valve not operating correctly.

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