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Might Be Running Hot, Just Maybe.


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So we've had some nice weather as of late, so I decide that before my Comanche is in to many piece to drive. So I swap my insurance from my Dakota to the manche. So now I'm off (in the manche) to visit my friend at work to help him put new brakes on his RX7. I showed up a bit early, so I needed to waste some decided that I would get something to eat, but I miss the turn to the mcD's so i had to go down half a block to turn around at which point smoke starts pouring out off the engine bay. Turns out it was just a small electrical fire but the wire housing just smoked a lot. down side is 1 my battery is now dead, it shorted it self, and 2 that wire happen be be the one that connected the ignition to that starter.

So I pushed it off the road into a parking with the help of a nice passer-byer. sadly I was now stuck with a 20 min walk back to my friends shop (worked at ford dealer). got there told him what happened, got laughted at but also got the tools and a free battery to get me back on the road. also had to make a quick trip to princess auto (Canadian harbour freight) to pick up some new wires. and now she up and running as good as it get with a 2.8 pushing 350xxxKM


and a Picture just because. This was after I fixed (not that it shows much) 


My 86 and his 85

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scary stuff for sure. :eek:   got a fire extinguisher in there?  I once had an aftermarket alternator short out and the juice running through the big aftermarket cables was enough to set the cable insulation on fire.  :(

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