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Oil Leak At Pressure Sending Unit

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This is not a MJ issue.  It is for my 84 CJ7, 4.2.  I bought it last Sept.  I have noticed the tell-tail signs of a Jeep marking its territory. 


Following the advice on CC.com, I did not want to go to the RMS right away.


I was working on it while it was running.  I looked for where it was leaking and found it was coming from the oil pressure sending unit.  The FSM doesn't have any info on it.  At least, I did find anything.


Is there an O ring where it threads into the block?  Is it silcon taped? 


Part numbers?


Thanks in advance.

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If I had to guess, the sending unit threads are NPT (national pipe thread) which means tapered and should seal when threaded together with another NPT, in this case a hole WITHOUT using any type of sealant.  (We could get into NPT and NPSC mating threads but there's not point here.)  I would take the sending unit off and examine the threads.  If they're pipe thread I would slather some pipe dope on the threads and screw it back together.  Now if the threads are not tapered but have a thread relief groove where the threads end on the sending unit, then it might need an o-ring.  You might take it off and post a pic here so others could chime in.  A pic is worth the effort.

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