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Hittin' Switches, Gettin' Blown Fuses.

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Hello all.


So, recently, my 87 MJ has developed the annoying habit of blowing the turn signal fuse when I attempt to, well, use the turn signals. I have swapped out both flasher relays, and it has helped in that it stopped blowing the back up light AND turn signal fuse. I decided to swap out the frony bulbs, and the issue continued. Interestingly enough, if I pull yhe front bulbs, I can use the turn signals without issue. I assume that this means that my problem is in the front turn signal wiring? Any ideas?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Front turn signal sockets are notorious for going bad, I cut the sockets off of mine, took to parts store found replacements in the HELP section

all my wiring problems dissapeared after that, everything works as it should now.

FWIW, the old sockets looked fine, cleaning them would not/did not fix the problem, only total replacement of the plug and its pigtail did.

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I already swapped out the sockets/pigtails with new metal Ford units. I'll try the relay scrub down. I also tore apart that 10 pin unit and cleaned it up a while ago. I'll look at it again. Maybe a wire ended up rubbing against sonething. :-\

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