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1986 Comanche X

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Hi, I'm new here so any help would be appreciated.

Looking around the site, I see that most people have something other than what I have but all the same.

I have the 2.8 liter motor and am have a few issues with it.

Who ever had it before me did some things that I would not have, but like everything else in life we do with ours the way we think we want it.

The only problem I see to that is did you really know what you wanted. Anyway the problem is that it can be running fine and after awhile it will start missing and die. You pull the coil wire off making sure you have fire and it will fire up and run just fine again, maybe a week a month whatever, and then one day it will do it again. I do not think that its a bad coil. I had to start somewhere so the first thing I did,  was replace the four barrel carb on an Eledbrock perfomer intake, with a new two barrel and swapped the top on the intake to take it. The next thing  I plan on doing is putting the fuel system back like it should have been or is this just in my head. It now has an electric fuel pump that someone has rigged up, I took the fuel reg they had on it off, I didn't see much difference with in or out, all the sensor are suspect so I'm going to go thru them also. Someone has told me that the computer is not working, but if that was the case would it run at all. Thanks   

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The factory 2-barrel carburetor on the 2.8L was JUNK, so I don't think you did yourself any favors by replacing what was probably a much better carburetor with a 2-barrel. The 4-barrel, all things being equal, should give you both better performance and better economy if it was correctly sized for the engine. And it's tough to get better than an Edelbrock Performer manifold.


If all it takes to get your engine running again is to pull a wire and then plug it in again, it certainly seems the problem is electrical. Have you tried a different set of ignition wires?

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