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Rusty Head Bolts

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Moisture.... but don't freak out yet. Last winter was pretty moist around my area, and I thought I was doing everything well when it came to driving and maintaining my vehicle. One day, while checking my oil, I noticed some weird sludge in my dipstick tube. I denied all evidence and told myself that I DID NOT have water in my oil. I changed it, and everything in the pan looked and smelled pretty normal. Checking it again a few days later, I found the dreaded "chocolate milkshake" on my stick again. I started flipping out.... until my brother had the idea to check the CCV system. One of the grommets was indeed clogged on inspection, and he noted that since my physical place of employment had changed, I was driving less than 5 minutes to work during a cold, wet season. His point was that my CCV's inefficiency combined with the low running time on my vehicle every mirning and afternoon were creating a situation in which the moisture in the ambient air was not being cooked off as it used to when I would have 40-45 minutes of highway cruising on my past commutes. All I did was to let my vehicle idle for 5-10 mins every morning and do the same when leaving work... Problem solved. :)


That, or you really DO have water where you shouldn't. :-\

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