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Fuel Smell In Cab

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I have a 90 Comanche with the 4.0 and it smells like your riding around with a open gas can. It doesn't do it all the time and ive looked and can't find a leak anywhere around the engine the injectors aren't leaking that I can see. any help appreciated thanks


Is the charcoal canister hooked up properly?


The gas tank builds pressure & Vents into the charc can. Then gets recycled back into the intake. If its not hooked up/Broken/Hooked up improperly it can make the engine bay/interior smell like gas.


Should be on the back passenger side, Against the firewall.

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I had a fuel smell a few months back and couldn't find it right away since it came and went. Turns out the injectors were weeping where the plastic and metal body meet. With the heat of the engine the fuel was evaporating quickly but enough to make it smell. Finally noticed it when the engine was cold. 

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I would like to reuse this topic.


I have noticed that my charcoal canister has a broken off line.  Can a new one be purchased anywhere including the dealer?  Would a junkyard one be a waste of money?


MIne has over 200K on it and I don't know if it is worth trying to screw in a metal line with threads in there or not.

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I don't think the 1990 and below original canisters are available anymore new. The originals came apart so you could change the filter and charcoal. But you can get new sealed cannisters that work fine. Rock Auto carries them, Standard Parts p/n CP3045.



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got it figured out 1 injector was leaking slowly and I replaced all the orings just last year. but mechanic said it was a bad injector not the gasket so now its got 1 new injector think il go ahead and replace them all.

Put a set of volvo injectors in it. 


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