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86' Parts!

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I have the 2.5 in my 86. This thing leaks oil from every hole in the block or so it seems. I need a valve cover. Oil pan was replaced by someone and leaks a bit. I noticed around the distributor it leaks a little. The front of the exhaust manifold has a leak too. It's over 25 years old with 160,500 on it. How hard is it to replace the exhaust/intake gasket? Every time I drive it or push snow for hours and hours I smell like a mechanic. Not sure where or if anyone is selling a valve cover. I priced one new at $195.

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Also, are there light bulbs behind the climate controls on an 86? It's super fun trying to find and remember what's what in the dark.


Supposed to be.


As for a valve cover, get an aluminum one from a newer Cherokee with the 2.5L and grab the bolts too.  You'll have to modify the breathers a little, but it can be done.

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As for the valve cover, any year Cherokee will work that had the 2.5?

Or Wrangler, or Dakota with the 2.5L with ALUMINUM valve cover. Don't waste your time with another plastic cover. Pick up the Felpro Permadry gasket for a '98 2.5 Dakota. It is more $$$, but rubberized and almost guaranteed not to leak, unlike like the cork gaskets. Plus it is a direct fit and less messy since you do not need to use RTV :)

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